Transform Your Next Game Of Tag

happy little boy and girl running outdoors

Tag is a beloved outdoor game for kids, but it can get stale quickly. Add these fun variations into your kids’ games of tag to ensure hours and hours of fun this summer.

Bandaid Tag

In Bandaid Tag, everyone can tag and be tagged. Once a person is tagged they have to put a hand over the spot where they were touched to form a “bandaid”. When they are tagged for a second time, they must use their other hand to creat s second bandaid. A third tag means the player must visit a designated spot of the play area and complete jumping jacks (or another task) to “heal” before they can rejoin the game.

Oonch Neech

This version of tag is popular in Pakistan, and translates roughly to “up and down”. The players who are not “it” are only safe when their feet are not touching the ground, and must find safety on picnic tables, rocks, the porch, or any other elevated surface to avoid being tagged. To prevent players from staying safe in one spot and ending the game, make it a rule that they must move spots every minute or so.

Animal Tag

To prepare for Animal Tag, mark up to four different areas as “cages” and decide who will be the “zookeeper”, the “it” player, and a  “monkey”, a mischievous player who frees the others from the cages. Have the kids choose an animal and act like that animal as they move about the play area. When players are tagged, they must return to a “cage” and be freed by the “monkey” to continue playing.

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Dead Ant Tag

This version of tag is not as gross as it may sound. When a player is tagged, they must lay on their back with their limbs up the in the air like a bug, becoming a “dead ant”. If a player is a “dead ant” three times, they become the new “it” player.

You can find an even bigger list of tag varieties here. Which will your kids play first?