Break A Sweat Outside With These Moves

Woman doing squat exercises outside

While the weather is still nice outside, shouldn’t you take advantage of it? Instead of going to the gym, you can easily do some bodyweight workouts at home in your backyard or at the park. There are some clear benefits to this. First of all, you can cut your gym membership costs (or just not pay for that specific class). Second of all, you’ll get some fresh air while you get your workout in. And since the weather will soon turn cold, it makes sense to get as much sunshine as possible. Here are some bodyweight workouts you can do outside.

Squat and Don’t Stop

This workout is quick, and you’ll be done with it in no time. Here’s what you need to do. First, do 10 regular squats. Then do 10 jump squats, 10 knee-to-chest jumps, and 10 squats on tiptoes. Repeat the set, but only do nine of each this time. When you repeat again, do eight squats, and then seven, six, all the way down to one of each. It may not sound too intense, but just wait until you get halfway through. Then you’ll see why this is such an effective workout.

Cardio Blitz

Skip the treadmill and do this cardio blitz workout instead. You’ll start with mountain climbers for one minute. Then run about 20 meters away and do 10 burpees. Run straight back to your starting point, and do the mountain climbers again. You can complete this cycle as many times as you want. Just keep in mind that it may be a bit harder than it seems at first, so don’t be afraid to take your time and take it slow, especially if you’re not used to working out regularly.

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Music Medley Mayhem

If you love listening to your favorite tunes while working out, this may just be the workout for you. Play your favorite song, and start squatting. When you hear the chorus come up, you’re going to pause in your lowered squat position. You’ll do that until the chorus is over. When the next verse comes on, you can continue squatting as usual. Repeat through the whole song (and your whole playlist, if you’re trying to get a significant workout in). You won’t believe how fun this workout can be, especially when you pick upbeat and motivational songs to listen to while you squat.

Why waste your time and money on a gym membership? Just take your workout outside, and you’ll love your new routine.