Put Apple CarPlay To The Test

Apple CarPlay® on a car touch screenIt seems everything that Apple Inc. touches, turns to gold. The company has invented never-before-seen products that have changed the world. They have also reimagined, reinvented, and redesigned preexisting products like the cellphone and transformed them into something else entirely. The iPhone changed so much. It changed the way we communicate, the way we consume content, and the way we live our lives altogether. This can also be said for a variety of Apple products. It’s latest, however, has changed the way we drive. 

The Silicon Valley Company has blessed the automotive world with a new product, Apple CarPlay®. It has redefined what a vehicle’s dashboard display can be. Best of all, it’s available in new Ford models.

Get to Know It

But what is Apple CarPlay? Think of it as an app, like the ones you have on your phone. Just this app is for your car.

What does it do? The answer, in its most simplified version, is that it transforms your vehicle’s touchscreen display into your smartphone. In other words, with Apple CarPlay you can use almost every commonly-used feature on your phone through your Ford’s display screen. 

Say goodbye to the days of missing your turn because your navigation app wasn’t up. Everyone’s done it. You go to change the song on your phone or try to call someone back and at that moment, you cruise past your exit. But with Apple CarPlay, you can access your music library through the display, browse your phone’s contacts, and even check your messages. But the best part about Apple CarPlay is that you can use and view multiple features at once, all on the same screen. This serves two main purposes: one is that it keeps you driving safely with both hands on the wheel and eyes away from your phone; the other is convenience by providing drivers with everything they need to enjoy the ride and arrive on time.

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Hope Auto Company

New Ford models are available with Apple CarPlay. It’s another feature you won’t be able to live without once you try it. Check out our new Ford inventory at Hope Auto Company and get one step closer to the perfect automotive experience.