It’s All In The Details With The GMC Terrain

A black 2020 GMC terrain against a cityscape in the evening.
In a market where there are so many SUVs to choose from, there's essentially one for everyone, and it's very possible that the GMC Terrain is just right for you. If you need a vehicle that offers more space than a sedan, but less heft than a larger SUV like... [read more]

Pick Up Speed In The Chevy Sonic

Chevy Sonic on city streets
If you’re searching for a car that’s big on value but slim in profile, we’d love to introduce you to the streamlined Chevrolet Sonic. Let’s take a look at some of this stylish subcompact’s key qualities. Slim Frame, Big Interior Even though the term “subcompact” doesn’t typically evoke thoughts of roomy cabins... [read more]

The Chevy Spark: The Car You Didn’t Know You Needed

2020 Spark
There's a lot to love about a subcompact car that lives large - and the Chevy Spark is a prime example. This little car does so much within its small profile that you'll be surprised by its attractive, value-forward price tag. If you're in the market for a small car... [read more]

6 Ways To Make The Most Of Spring Cleaning

Nobody likes dealing with a messy house. But when spring finally comes around, you know that it really is time to get some cleaning done. Spring is the ideal time to freshen up your home, get rid of anything you don’t need, and give everything a good scrub. However, you... [read more]

Celebrate Spring With A Fresh Bouquet

Picket Fence Hope Arkansas
Spring has finally arrived. If you want to get into the spirit of the season, you may want to celebrate with some flowers. Perhaps you have a garden at your house that you want to work on. But an even easier way to enjoy the beauty of flowers in your... [read more]

Make It A Day At Northside Park

Northside Park Hope Arkansas
Don’t you love the fact that it’s starting to get warmer again? It’s finally time to go outside and begin to enjoy nature a bit more. A great local place to do that is at Northside Park. This park in Hope, Arkansas, has just about everything you need for some... [read more]

Here’s Where To Go When You Want A Great Burger

Tailgater’s Burger Company
When it comes to a type of food as simple as a burger, you really want to have the best ingredients possible. You also want to make sure that the person cooking it knows just what they’re doing. Unfortunately, you’re probably not going to find that combination at just any... [read more]

Learn Something New At This Historic Site

President Clinton’s first home
You don’t have to sit down with a history book to learn something new. In fact, if you could learn something new in person, why wouldn’t you? If you want to get some hands-on education, you should make plans to visit President Clinton’s first home sometime soon. It’s located right... [read more]

Take A Quick Trip To Try Southern Dine

Southern Dine
If you’re like a lot of people who live in the Hope area, then you love to try something new when it comes to food every once in a while. That can be a lot of fun, and you may even find that you love something that you’ve never tried... [read more]