Fun Fall Photoshoot Tips

Young woman taking a picture with a DSLR camera

Fall is great for outdoor activities, especially photography. Whether you are a pro or new to taking photos, we have some great tips to share so that you can capture special Autumn moments. The crisp air and fall colors will make your photos one of a kind. Get your camera ready to have some fun!

Focus On Falling Leaves

The more leaves, the better the photo! Leaves are such a popular prop for fall photos. If you don’t want your photo to come out looking the same as everyone else’s, let the subject stay out of focus. This will highlight your leaves and turn your subject into an outline.

Paint the Leaves

If you are looking for a surreal effect, try painting leaves. This would be perfect for family photos that include small children. The different colors will bring your photo to life.

Choose an Outfit That Compliments Autumn Colors

Red, orange, and yellow tones are a must for fall photos. Accessories like scarves, hats, and cozier clothes will make your photo unique.

Take Photos in the Morning for a Golden Light Effect

Morning photos have the dreamiest colors to them. The perfect golden hour is in the morning when the sun is rising. If you can wake up before the sun, your photos will turn out great.

Take Photos From a Very Low Angle to Capture More Surroundings

The surroundings are what make your fall photos stand out from all the others. Taking photos from a low angle will allow you to capture your subjects and their beautiful surroundings.

Take Adorable Photos of Babies in Pumpkins to Create a Festive Feeling

Pumpkins and fall are inseparable. If you are looking to get the best fall photos of your little ones, use a pumpkin as a prop. You can also use pumpkins as props with pets too. We promise you these photos will be perfect.

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Throw Leaves at Your Model to Let Them Pose Freely

Leaves are a staple of fall photography. Collect some leaves and throw these into the air while your model poses. You can get creative with angles and lighting too.

All of these tips work perfectly no matter if you are in front of the camera, or behind it!