Facts About Ford

Up close shot of the Ford logo on a 2020 Ford EcoSportThe Ford Motor Company is one of the most influential companies the world has and ever will see. Few companies, organizations, or groups can claim they have changed the world. Even fewer can back it up.

With one invention, the Ford Motor Company altered the very course of the world itself. It’s impact spans through every aspect of the human experience. Automobiles changed the way we traveled, where we chose to live, and helped build the modern world we live in today. 

While still inspiring, you probably knew that already. So, here are a few interesting facts about Ford you most likely don’t know.

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Ford Facts

Henry Ford built the first vehicle in history by using four bicycle wheels. It was fittingly named the quadricycle. An interesting fact about the first vehicle in history is that its engine contained a whopping four horsepower.

World War I, or The Great War as it was known at the time, was a period in history that impacted and changed the world as we knew it. So many individuals and companies pitched in to help the war effort in any way they could. Ford did this by attempting to build airplanes. That’s right, airplanes. Although this part of the company was unsuccessful and eventually dissolved, the Ford Motor Company was acknowledged as a pioneer in aviation by the United States Centennial of Flight Commission. 

Did you know that Henry Ford invented something almost as impactful as the automobile? Henry Ford also came up with the idea for the moving assembly line. It moved the time needed to build a car from over 7 hours to just an hour and a half. This is just one of the ways that proved how good at business Henry Ford was. Want to know another?

Henry Ford compensated his employees twice the average daily wage of the time. With a bold business decision in 1914, the Ford Motor Company began paying their workers five dollars a day. It was a decision that would be pivotal in the success of the company and it would do so in multiple ways. One benefit was that it increased the morale of the employees which led to improved productivity. As an added bonus, factory workers then made enough money to buy a car for themselves. And what company do you think they bought their new car from?

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