Take A Day Trip And Go For A Hike

Friends hiking outside

Sometimes, you have to switch up your routine and do something different. That’s why getting outside is such a great idea. You get to explore new places while you enjoy the fresh air. What’s not to love about that? If you’re ready to take a day trip to a local park or outdoor area near Hope, Arkansas, and go for a hike, take a look at these amazing local hiking spots. If you haven’t been to one or some of the places on this list, you’ll have to give them a try sometime soon. After all, why not explore the nature that’s practically in your backyard?

Crater of Diamonds State Park

This place is a cool spot for several reasons. First of all, you may not know that this spot is one of the only places in the world where the public can search for diamonds from their volcanic source. That’s already a great reason to visit. But this place has more than just diamonds – it features some top-notch hiking, as well. It’s an interesting place to see a new type of landscape, and the whole family is sure to enjoy it. Don’t forget to bring some food with you if you want to take advantage of the picnic sites, too.

Logoly State Park

There’s so much to love about Logoly State Park. If you have little ones, this is a great park to take them because the trails aren’t too challenging. Plus, you’re likely to find some cool plants and animals while you’re there. The park features wildlife you just won’t find at other parks in the local area.

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White Oak Lake State Park

Another ideal option for your hiking enjoyment is White Oak Lake State Park. This park is on the quieter side, making it perfect if you just want to get away from it all for a while. There’s a popular fishing lake there, so you may want to bring your fishing equipment along. Many other visitors decide to stop by, so they can take advantage of the bird-watching opportunities or just want to see some of the wildlife. There are even campsites here, so you can turn your day trip into a weekend-long getaway in nature. And doesn’t that sound like the kind of relaxation you need?

The next time you’re in the mood to go for a hike, you have to check out one of these local parks around Hope, Arkansas. You’re going to love getting out there and getting active.