How To Pick The Best Pumpkin For Carving

Pumpkins in a wagon

Fall has finally arrived! If this is your favorite season of the year, you probably couldn’t be more excited. After all, there’s so much going on, from holidays to enjoying the cooler weather. What’s not to love? But one task comes around every year this time of year: finding the perfect pumpkin. Of course, you might pick pumpkins to decorate with whole or even to cook with. But did you know that you’re looking for something slightly different when it comes to picking a pumpkin to carve? Here are some tips on finding the very best carving pumpkin.

The Right Sound

It may sound strange, but one way for you to decide if you have the right pumpkin or not is simple to give it a knock. What you’re looking for here is a hollow sound. A pumpkin that’s just perfect for carving will make that same sound you hear when looking for a good watermelon. The exterior of the pumpkin should also feel nice and solid when you knock. If it feels soft at all, you know you should find something different.

Check the Color

Once you’ve listened for the best pumpkin in the patch, you have to use your eyes next. Pay close attention to the color of different pumpkins you pick up. They should be a bright orange color, of course. But you also will want to make sure that they have a fairly consistent coloring throughout.

Set It Down on the Ground

If you’re picking your pumpkin in the patch, then it’ll look like it’s standing upright with no problem. But if you want to see how well it sits on the ground, you’ll have to put in on a flat surface. Pay attention to whether it rolls around or sits upright. Since you’ll probably be putting your pumpkin on a porch or driveway, you want to make sure it can stand up on its own.

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Carry It Carefully

So, you’ve done it: You’ve found the perfect pumpkin. Now what? You’re going to have to purchase it and take it home. Just make sure you avoid one common mistake. Instead of holding your pumpkin by the stem, hold it by the bottom. This will ensure that you don’t damage your pumpkin on the way home. You don’t want to have done all that hard work for nothing, after all.

Congratulations! You can now get to carve your special creation. Whether you’re going for a spooky or a silly face this year, you know you’re starting with a great foundation.